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Generated 7-Figures in 1st Year

“I came in super skeptical, just because I’ve had so many bad experiences with other SaaS products – Don’t hesitate, it’s a no brainer, it’s a great investment. The return has been a hundred fold.”
William Schimensky – CEO of Howling Brands Marketing


Sales leaders use Seamless.AI to build a continuous pipeline for their business.


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Leverage our real-time people search engine to build a massive list of candidates. Never spend another minute scouring Linkedin for contact information ever again.


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Automatically import contact and account data into CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and over 1,500+ apps with Zapier. Increase effectiveness and productivity by eliminating manual data entry forever.
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Dan, eBay - 1 to 3+ one call closes a day
I left selling for a big computer hardware company and joined eBay to sell for their automobile software division. I was new to software sales and more importantly, new to high transaction software sales going after the SMB and mid-market company. 

Day 1 - My boss gave me a quota of $3M dollars. I had to build a big pipeline and start closing deals within the first 30 days or I was going to be out of a job.

Hell within the first week I saw 3 out of the 20 account executives that started in my class get fired right on the spot because they couldn’t nail the pitch or overcome the objections. 

My back was against the wall...I needed to hit the gas fast and that is when I a friend of mine at Rackspace recommended to jump on Seamless.AI 

Every day I go onto Seamless, prospect 250 - 500 people a day and one call close 3-5 new sales a day. My AOV ranges from $1,500-$10,000. Sometimes I get lucky and bring in a $25k-$50k deal but it’s 1 out of 20 or so. 

I’ve been selling at eBay for years and every year I’ve beat my sales quota thanks to Seamless AI. 
Mark, Danaher - $470K in Sales, 47 Days
I sell for a small subsidiary of a multi-billion dollar holding company. I was tasked with leading my team to increase sales across the entire North American region. 

Before using Seamless Unlimited, our company was primarily focused on digital marketing and referrals.

The challenge I was having was It was hard to use outbound prospecting and selling to find new customers. It was very, very rare that I found and closed any number of deals from inside sales. It was so interesting because one of the most powerful aspects of using Seamless was all the time I saved trying to find the leads That i should sell to.

There were quite a few things that happened during the course of Using Seamless. The first thing is, the search engine for finding contacts and companies emails and phone numbers is amazing. That is as valuable as the whole platform itself, if not more. It just opened me up to a much larger pool of customers that I should be selling to and it was possible using the platform to not only find everyone I needed to sell to but also all their emails and cellphones with incredible accuracy.

Also, the whole sales and customer success team at Seamless really opened me up and coached me on how to make my outbound selling efforts successful.

As a result of that, really just only a couple months into using the platform I closed a $125,000 sale, then another $345,000 sale. We are now projecting for the first time to close a seven figure contract in one month. 

Thank you so much Seamless and Highly recommend.

It’s the best, it’s affordable and it’s a must have for anyone in sales. Go for it.
Scott, Accenture - $12,478,012 in pipeline
We took on one of the largest technology companies as a customer at Accenture. They tasked us with building a big database of potential customers that could buy their new SMB / MidMarket / Enterprise cloud offering. 

We sent out a big RFP to the top 10 data vendors in the space. was included on the list. 

After reviewing the response, we were most impressed by Seamless.AI’s real-time search engine and by their 10 A.I. Research validation engine. 

After testing the total addressable market coverage on a small sample set of 1000 companies, Seamless identified the most amount of contacts currently working at the companies (93% TAM Coverage). 

After testing the accuracy on the 1,000 company sample set, Seamless.AI delivered 97% company phone numbers, 72% direct dials and 94% accuracy on emails. 

Seamless is now our data platform of record. If you want the world’s best sales leads, sign up for 
Kristen, Salesforce - Booked $925K in Enterprise Sales
My first quarter using Seamless we brought in THOUSANDS of amazing enterprise leads and generated over $925K in new enterprise revenue for the company.

The platform is amazing. The customer support is amazing. They have under-promised and over-delivered more than we could ever ask for. 
Kristen L.